Setting up Bootstrap 4 to work with Angular-CLI turned out to be WAY easier than what I had been trying to do in my previous post. The info I had been finding was way off track and I think (like me) they were confused between the static and scss portions of bootstrap 4.

First, go ahead and setup your angular-cli project with the style option --style=scss or just convert your poject by setting the appropriate line in .angular-cli.json (google it hippies).

From porject folder npm install bootstrap 4. Command below reflects version at time of writing but check the bootstrap 4 site for current command.

  npm install bootstrap@4.0.0-alpha.6 jquery@latest tether --save

Create your own file for variables wherever you like and import it into the root styles.scss file. I created mine in scss/_variables.scss

Import your variables file and the bootstrap scss file into src/styles.scss like so:

// My own variables file.
@import 'scss/variables';

// Load the main bootstrap file
@import '../node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap';

If you want to test it, set a variable in your local file with something like $body-bg: red; and reload the page and you’ll know if it’s working.

You’ll want to import the javascript files as usual in angular-cli. For that just open .angular-cli.json and add them to the scripts property like so:

      "scripts": [

That is pretty much it! Bootstrap does the importing for you of all the sub-components. Likely there is more but this is MUCH more clean that the method I previously posted about so I wanted to update.