Over the last few weeks I finished up Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 and have to say that it was a darn fine game. I’d put it below games like Last of Us but above a game like Farcry.

The setting was very unique and story pulled me in to an extent, though I’m finding these days if a games story doesn’t offer me much impact in the way of character choices that I’m much less invested. Aloy, the main character, was enjoyable to play and her story arch was satisfying if not groundbreaking. The machine beasts were pulled off very well and even gave an in game context reason to behave like AI opponents.

The gameplay was fun, if a little repetitive. I personally had a hard time with the control scheme of the game as I’m mostly a PC gamer. I enjoyed the stealth/hunting gameplay but at times the game forces you into unavoidable fight and I always found that boring and frustrating. You end up with the same tactic, just running in a circle and waiting for the opponent to have some pause and pepper it with arrows. The slowness of turning compared to mouse and keyboard in the PC really made those forced encounters and lack of choice frustrating. It’s a relatively minor complaint tough and overall, I enjoyed the game.

I’d recommend it for anyone on PS4 and I plan on picking up the DLC once that is out in a few months.