My blog has been dead for a very long time. I used to be quiet a prolific blogger back in ‘the day’ starting mostly on livejournal but that community is long gone. I moved that blogging over to a wordpress instance under my domain, made a few posts but never really kept up with it.

At this point it seems a little silly to keep a database and code running for wordpress for something that is essentially a static site. So rather than maintain that I decided to just toss up a simple static site managed with the jekyll framework.

Although I have 2100 or so posts under the blog, a lot of it was either fluff (links) or not very reflective of my life. So over time I may curate some of that old content and repost it here, but for now I’ll just be managing this to keep my domain active. That means a bunch of 404 errors on the off chance someone searches for old content of mine, which makes my inner “Tim Berners-Lee: Cool URI’s Don’t Change” fanboy sad. Honestly it’s not worth the effort and time though so I don’t see how the world will miss it.

My gaming wiki, I don’t see ever making a return. I haven’t seriously played table top rpgs in over a decade and, although I wouldn’t mind a return to it if I ever found a good friends group, I don’t really see that happening.