Angular Bootstrap 4 beta SCSS Solved

I’ve had some problems getting the bootstrap 4 beta scss npm package to work with Angular 4 (angular/cli actuall) and found the solution to the issue today. I missed a detail in the bootstrap documentation to use the jquery-slim verion and had been using jquery-min instead. The webpack error thrown... [Read More]
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Angular-CLI and Bootstrap 4 SCSS Retake

Setting up Bootstrap 4 to work with Angular-CLI turned out to be WAY easier than what I had been trying to do in my previous post. The info I had been finding was way off track and I think (like me) they were confused between the static and scss portions... [Read More]
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Initial Logitech Brio 4k Experiences

Recently I was playing around with the Logitech BRIO, to see what potential it has for livestreaming 4k video content from Zoos or other locations in a city that might be useful for schools in the area. My results with the camera itself were pretty good but getting live 4k... [Read More]
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Setting Up Bootstrap Sass with Angular

I had a tremendously difficult time getting bootstrap to work under sass and no single set of install directions worked for me so I wanted to capture the process I finally got to work here. First, as of this writing, I couldn’t get bootstrap 4 with sass to work after... [Read More]
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Finished Horizon Zero Dawn

Over the last few weeks I finished up Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 and have to say that it was a darn fine game. I’d put it below games like Last of Us but above a game like Farcry. [Read More]
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